Tree of Savior Guide: Recommended Places for Farming Silver
Jul. 11, 2018

Silver is the currency used in the world of Tree of Savior. All the gamers in Tree of Savior are trying their best to collect as many silvers as possible. There’ s no doubt that the easiest way to own enough silver is purchasing it directly from GVGMall. Fast devlivery and fare prices are the main reasons why millions of gamers choose GVGMall to buy silver. A secure transaction can be guaranteed here. If you don’t want to buy it with cash, farming is believed as the best way to earn Tree of Savior Silver. And you can earn more if you farm your silver in the recommended places as below.

Chapel B1 is frequently the very first stop for players who wish to begin a major farming operation in Tree of Savior. Lizards spawn in this region, and they'll from time to time drop a silver bar when wiped out. Silver bars count 30,000 Tree of Savior silvers to NPC shops. It could take around one or two hours to obtain 4 or 5 bars, but only at that cost, it could just be worthwhile. Getting up to 150,000 Tree of Savior silvers for 2 hours of fighting is not a poor deal whatsoever. The bars could be acquired faster if you have an effective class that can rapidly slay a horde of opponents.

When you achieve level 50 you are able to mind towards the Chapel dungeon having a group. In charge, there can drop a gold bar that's worth 50,000 Tree of Savior silvers when offered in an NPC shop. A couple of players have really pointed out that they are in a position to beat that monster on their own. This really is generally considered reckless behavior, also it might really finish up squandering your greater than it might make should you die in the dungeon.

Miner's Village is a superb base of operations for Tree of Savior silver farming guide. The city has lots of NPC shops to market to, and in addition, it includes a market outlet. It may allow you to easily heal between fights. There are two primary farming areas near to the village. One of these simple would be to the east and yet another would be to free airline. Each of them possesses a small-boss that spawns during major battles. While Tree of Savior has a tendency to attack players having a random party of opponents, a sizable monster known as Red Kepa and many minions usually appear during battles during these two areas. These opponents frequently drop rare and valuable items. It is best to possess a character that's between levels 20 and 40 to be able to adventure in these areas bordering Miner's Village, however.

The Tomb from the Pads is yet another good way to farm because the mushrooms there drop a colossus artifact that frequently costs 10,000 silver pieces on the market. Candle spiders will sometimes drop a colossus recipe and archers there'll even drop some blue gems every so often.